Strategies for Expanding Your Repeat Customer Base via Facebook

Strategies for Expanding Your Repeat Customer Base via Facebook

How to Increase Customer Trustworthiness through Facebook

When it comes any business enterprise, customer loyalty is an important factor as they can bring in a constant source of profit and revenue. Having loyal customers means those who constantly purchase from your business. According to the customer retention research done by Customer Service Institute, about 65 percent of a company’s business comes from existing or repeat customers. Also, the research points out that it is often economical to market to repeat customers and it can cost five to eight times more to attract the attention of new customer than to keep an existing one.

Businesses always seek new digital marketing strategies to boost their customer loyalty and many surveys have shown that selling products/services to existing customers and getting them to buy again makes business sense. As existing customers, they have already shown interest in your services or products. For example, local businesses use loyalty cards, where the customers gain points for purchases, which they can then exchange for gifts or discounts. Nowadays, some companies have launched Android and iOS apps to enhance their customer loyalty. For instance, a location-based mobile app launched by Shopkick Local rewards customers for simply visiting the stores.

For brand promotional campaigns, most businesses have started realizing the huge potential of social media that can be utilized to their business objectives. Whitehall Lane Winery is one of many successful companies that have effectively utilized social media sites for increasing their customer base and the company also increased their club member intention to over 99 percent per month. If you are hoping for increased efficiency and active engagement on Facebook or any other social media site, you can do it two ways.

Encouraging Your Customers to Post on Your Page

Google came with a purchase decision framework that takes online selling and buying into account. It starts with the “Stimulus” when a consumer sees an ad in the newspaper or on TV and it stimulates the consumer’s mind by informing him or her about the special event or promotion regarding the brand. Right after “Stimulus” comes the “Zero Moment of Truth” happens when someone uses the product and leaves reviews of it on the web. The online shopping portal became popular worldwide thanks to the anonymous reviews that are often read by its customers.

According to one recently conducted survey, about 67 percent of Amazon’s visitors rely on the anonymous reviews to assist their purchase decision. Customers read anonymous reviews on Amazon page so that they will be more assured with the inputs of other customers such as you and me. That’s what made Amazon a household name. Before deciding whether to buy, consumers like to have as much information about the product first. Furthermore, consumers search for more information and reviews via internet. Therefore it is important to get your existing customers to write on your page.

More Focus on Actively Engaging Customers

Using your Facebook page, you can translate customer loyalty into actively engaging users and engaged users are those who are regularly comment, like and share your posts. They are doing this because they like your brand and they are interested in purchase products from your business. Keep in mind that many of these actively engaged fans are your existing customers.

Spending your time and money on good content and building your social media pages won’t increase your customer base as you desired, but you need to some more, and that is giving more focus on your top engaged followers or fans. For instance, a well-known Asian haircare firm invited their top twenty most engaged fans out for a Sunday brunch. During the brunch, the company distributed a couple of their sample hair care product and asked their fans to test them out. In the following months, the company got positive feedback from some of the top engaged users and thereby the company made an effort to engage all twenty of them.

With the haircare firm’s champions sharing privileges they have got access, other connected customers become more active to enjoy those privileges. Through leveraging these relationships, the company was able to save considerable amounts in their overall marketing budget.

Consumers Expect more after Making Purchases

If you want more ideas, you can consult with digital marketing service provider that has a team of experts who are ready to help you in any way they can. You must not forget that consumers often seek extra value from their purchases, outside of the innate benefits of the product. You can fulfill your business goals if you provide these value-seeking customers with more benefits.

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