SEO Techniques You can Leverage Other Than Link Building

SEO Techniques You can Leverage Other Than Link Building

SEO Strategies that Provide More Results than Link Building

When it comes to SEO, we all know that link building is considered to be the crucial part of any SEO campaign and search engines such as Google consider a rich link profile as a major ranking signal. But, in these days Google is not giving much preference to link building and for SEOs, they find it difficult to build new quality links due to Google’s stringent Webmaster guidelines and due to Penguin algorithm updates. There are now debating going on in the SEO industry, whether SEOs need to abandon link building or is it still a viable technique to a certain extent. Also, links have the intense effect on the ranking algorithm as it is the most practical element to determine the authority of the website, however, after some time the impact has weakened due to the increased risks involved in it. Here are five SEO strategies that you can utilize and get you better results instead of relying on link building tactics.

It’s Time to Optimize Mobile Search

After the mobile-friendliness algorithm rollout that was started from 21st April, it has become more important for websites to be optimized for mobile devices. You simply cannot afford to consider this aspect in your SEO campaign, and Google has been for a long time keeping a check on all the mobile-optimized websites to rank them higher. Your website gets more online presence on search if it is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. If you have not yet integrated mobile SEO in your campaign then you might lose some valuable rankings.

Content that is Informative and Useful

You need to focus on content which needs to be useful and informative and of at least 100 words in length. So that each time when a visitor lands up on any web page of your site, and they get what they are searching for. Your content will be immediately establishes your authority and your grip over the industry. Even if it is a Contact page or an About Us page, do not underestimate their power and provide accurate information in detail wherever needed. If you feel that link building is still an alternate and viable option, you are right. However, the most ‘official’ way to create quality backlinks is by writing great content for both on-page and off-page. This is an effective way to acquire quality links as people like to share, a premium content that is meant for them. Other than text, you can include content strategies such as photos, infographics, and videos. Keep in mind that content is the ultimate tool for your link building campaigns that are legitimate.

Building More Social Media Presence

You will need to get involved with the prospects if you want to become social. You need to create a brand profile on all popular social platforms (other than Facebook and Twitter) such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine and Google+. There are the places where you are likely to find your target audience and engage regularly on these channels by coming up with frequent posts. You need to make an effort towards building connections, contacts, and building an active community by providing fresh and useful content and business updates with some exclusive offers.

Getting Reviews of Your Products/Services

If you want to build an online reputation for your brand then you need to gather good reviews of your product or service. If you have more product reviews on your webpage, then it will attract more visitors to the page and they can turn to your valuable customers. You can also use reviews or positive feedback of your existing customers and post them on your website, or other popular review websites. Furthermore, you could send a sample of your product/service free to a review blogger, and have them write reviews on them.

Brand Mentions

Just like how Google used to view inbound links, it also monitors the brand mentions throughout the web. When it comes to getting brand mentions there is no risk involved. They pass authority based on the trustworthiness of the source and context of the brand mention.

These are some of the ways in which you can gain SEO benefits without relying on link building. This does not mean that you fully abandon this strategy rather you can apply where it needs the most.

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