Important facts about SEO

What is SEO all about?

The penetration of internet has brought about tremendous change all over the world. The virtual world has all those facilities to offer you as in the real world. In the emerging world of e-commerce and e-business, marketing through internet has evolved as a quintessential tactics to attract attention of the public. As there are numerous websites and web pages created day by day, to get noted by the online seekers is a Herculean task to achieve. For that the websites should be unique and attractive so that they select a particular website over the other. Initially this was not considered as an important part of internet marketing but with the wide use of technology, the site owners identified the value of having their sites highly visible and ranked in the search engine results. This opens the wide gamut of opportunity to Search Engine Optimization services.SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the popular technique used to increase the traffic of a website or web page. For achieving this, the initial hurdle to overcome is to attain a better ranking in the search engines. If your website or page can come up to the top results on search engines then your website becomes a success. But attaining this goal is not an easy job. Your website should have quality content and should be regularly updated. The role of SEO comes into the spot light in this context.

SEO helps to ensure that the website exists in the virtual world. More than existing, the website will be recognised and will be known to everyone who search for the particular content. Even if it is all about prioritizing the website in search engines, the main concern here is the user.  In order to make your website visible the precedence should be given to the visitors’ interest and views as they are the consumers and consumers are always treated as king in any kind of marketing. Thus SEO helps in putting the best foot of your website forward. It should be noted that SEO helps in better visibility of websites in organic or unpaid search results.

Search engine operations

To facilitate optimization, it is crucial to know about the working of search engines. The basic functions done by the different search engines are same. The activities done by the search engines in order to get the search results are crawling, indexing, processing, relevancy calculation and retrieving. First a software in search engines called crawlers or spiders will crawl through the web to see what is there. It follows links from one page to another and index whatever content it finds in the way so as to retrieve later. The indexed page is stored in a huge database. Actually this indexing is done in such a way that the spider identifies the words and expressions that best describes the page or site and stores it under a particular keyword. So if better optimization is done in selecting the words and expressions the spider will better identify your website. Thus keywords become a vital part in optimizing. When a search request comes in the search engine, it will try to match the search string with the indexed pages in the data base. As there can be countless pages having the same string, the search engine try to prioritize or rank the pages by calculating its relevancy. The relevancy calculations are done by using algorithms and different search engines rely on different types of algorithms. Each algorithm has particular weightings for ranking. This is the reason why the search results for same requests become different for different search engines.

Use of SEO in search engines

Search engine optimization can be said as a powerful tool in getting good rankings to the website. Actually, SEO adopts many methods for attaining this goal. They are:

  • Using properly structured URLs
  • Using description meta tags
  • Creating suitable and accurate page titles
  • Providing cross linking
  • Providing content optimization
  • Providing design optimization

SEO classifications

Commonly, SEO techniques can be classified into White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. As the name indicates White Hat SEO refers to the good practice methods to achieve high search engine rankings while Black Hat SEO refers to gaining the high ranking using unethical methods. Although Black Hat SEO can bring short term positive impact, for long term it can turn out to be disastrous to your website and to your business. So as always, it is better to go with the ethical way to attain a good result.

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