Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts by Using Social Listening

Enhance Your Content Marketing Efforts by Using Social Listening

Social Listening can Improve Your Content Marketing Skills Considerably

Since the very beginning of online marketing, many knew the importance of content and the benefits it provides. These days, you cannot implement a marketing campaign without a strong content strategy. Some of the traffic generating content tactics used by online marketers include blog posts, videos, webinars, data visualizations, industry reports, how-to-guides, and attending and hosting international conferences/events. According to many industry experts, social listening tools can be a huge benefit to your content marketing campaign, and here are a few suggestions on how you can utilize social listening to improve your content marketing efforts.

Understand Your Target Audience

You should have a good idea of what who you are trying to target before you start creating content. Let us say that you work at a apparel firm, and you might have a rough idea of your customer demographic based on your sales information, but this might not correlate with the type of people who are actively talking about running online.

For example, using Brandwatch’s social listening tool named ‘Brandwatch Analytics’, you can set up a search query to find web conversations relating to running. The Demographics Insights dashboard in the tool allows you to find out and compare:

  • From which countries do our audience take part in the conversation
  • Which gender is the most vocal among the audience
  • Which are the most common professions
  • What are the common interests shared by our audience

You may get a chart which shows the interests of people talking about ‘running’ that may vary between genders. When it comes to women, they are more likely to be interested in fashion, while men are inclined towards the developments happening in the tech industry. Using this information we can conclude that men would be more receptive to content about fitness-related gadgets. The Demographic Insights helped us to create personas that describe the type of people we want to put our focus on. These personas help us to keep our content targeted at the users’ needs and interests.

Knowing the Place where People are Talking

The important part of developing a multi-platform based content strategy is that knowing how the conversation changes based on where it is happening. For your information, if content is the king of digital marketing, then the context can be regarded as the queen. The content strategy developed by your team should adapt to suit the demographics and conversations of the communities you are focusing. For instance, discussions on the running forums may vary from conversations about running on Twitter. Knowing the implications between different communities will help you create content that reverberates.

Knowing What Gets Shared

Using a reliable social listening tool, you can understand what types of content get shared the most. For example, using Brandwatch Analytics tool we can start to track what are the most popular blogs or other content pieces that your audience are sharing via social media. You might notice that visual-based content such as videos have a high rate of engagement compared to blogs or articles. Also, images such as infographics are often getting more shares on Twitter and Google+. Knowing what has worked well in the past means you can start to create content that has a better chance of resonating with your target audience.

Content Marketing in Real-time

Due to changing nature of social media landscape it is somewhat difficult to stay relevant, fortunately, social listening enables businesses to track responses to current events and find ‘breaking news’ quicker than ever before. These days, most businesses are creating ‘microcontent’ in response into hot topics, which is a tactic called real-time marketing. An excellent example of real-time marketing is Oreo’s show-stealing ‘Dunk in the Dark’ Superbowl tweet posted on February 2013. Here the Oreo tweet wasn’t just shot in the dark, but it was part of a larger marketing campaign to make sure that their brand links with a new generation of customers.

If you are really into social listening to improve your future marketing campaigns, you can use tools such as Bottlenose, Argyle Social, BackTweets, BlitzMetrics, Buffer, Buzz Equity, CARMA, Collective Intellect, and so on. Most of the tools mentioned here are paid versions, so you need to purchase that is completely suited to your marketing needs.

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