SEO is the process of attracting more number of visitors to a particular website or a web page for a given search command in the web page by the visitors by the process of making the site noticeable in a group of sites listed by a search engine as a result of a web search.  It is indeed an artistic skill on the part of the webpage developer to showcase his webpage in an outstanding manner and make the web browsers access and view the web page.  It is with the help of this secret that the web page developer communicates his intentions to the web browsers which in turn solicit the visitors to the particular website.  We can imagine sweets which are prepared and undressed and those which are neatly covered with attractive wrappers and ideally presented in a shop.  Those which are attractively presented catch the attention of customers and get sold off quickly.  Similar is the case with the web sites as well.Search engine optimization (SEO)

The attraction of a website is determined by the way the users feel the site meets their purpose.  It is mainly decided by the following factors.

1)      Matter:-  It is depended on the content of the web page the titles, subtitles and their descriptions.

2)      Speed of accessibility of the site:-  The users get attracted to those sites that are fast and easily accessible.  It measures the efficiency of the site.

3)      Completeness or dependence of the site:-  It is calculated by how self sufficient is the site.  In other words if the site is used by the other for clarifications then the site becomes self reliant.

4)      Ease of usage:-  If the web site shows easy usage features like easy and fast access to sub links and greater delineation of ideas.  It is also decided by the factors of safety in the usage of website.

  To promote the usage of a particular website a user should think from the point of view of the web user.  He should think of the what the web user is likely to click on.  He should be able to establish a relationship between his goals and users’ needs.  The usage promotion of a particular site need not be restricted to a particular platform but also to various sources like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Email, and even offline sources like radio and television ads.

  The emergence of mobile phones, increasing use of voice search, the growing trend of users not using keyword search has pushed the demand of upgrading Search Engine Optimization technique year by year.  The following factors must be kept into consideration for improving the SEO strategies:-

1)      Creating high quality content.  Giving greater stress to the content rather than keyword proves better in soliciting visitors to a particular webpage.  The content should make use of phrases that match how people think and search.  Content should be developed based on Four point content strategy.  It consists of ‘Product or Service Sales’, ‘Customer support’, ‘Company Information’, ‘Education, information and resources’, bound by a ‘content plan’.

2)      Promotion of high quality sub links in a web page to expand the ideas in the site.  This helps the users to get better understanding of what the site is intended for which helps them match their needs with that of the website.

3)      Hiring of qualified and capable partners for drafting the website as well as for Search Engine Optimization.

4)      Expanding the Structured data mark up, the strategy used in 2012 and 2013 in one of the top priority plan to develop SEO in 2014.  This is by advocating Semantic mark up in 2014.

Recent Developments:-

Semantic search:-  In rich snippet mark up process the user is enabled to see the image, rating and reviews in a quick glance without having to open the site and read lengthy sentences and big paragraphs.  This feature help a particular site stand out from the rest.  The old format of displaying an ordered list of progressively less relevant sites selected simply on the basis of the keywords is replaced by the one that is accounted by the opinion, personalization, freshness and other factors.  With the help of Knowledge graph relevant sites are made available both based on the explicit query(typed search or voice search) and on the implicit query (content based).  By the use of the structured mark up technique the search engine provides a more realistic result of how the content provides a solution to a particular query.

Humming bird: –  Is the Google’s  new algorithm, which brought about great changes to the long-tail queries.  The long-tail queries make up the bulk of search queries though may not be quite relevant.  With the advent of Humming bird algorithm, Google emphasizes on matching the meanings of phrases with the concepts rather than just matching the individual words in a query to documents.

Summary:-  The increased dependency of Search engines have pushed the web site developers to employ SEO to highlight a particular website.  It has now become an important necessity that the SEO need to be upgraded year by year due to increased competition and the users concentrating on more and more attractive sites rather than irrelevant one’s.  With the recent developments like ‘Semantic mark up’ and ‘Humming bird’ we will hope that 2014 sees greater developments in the SEO strategies.